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SE Calgary Dental Hygiene

SE Calgary Dental Hygiene

Smile and I will tell you if you're healthy!

The majority of the people believe poor dental hygiene causes only 2 health problems: bad breath and cavities. Other than that, nothing truly bad can happen if you forget to wash your teeth or if you neglect them. Some people don't even know what tartar is, how it looks and what dangers it poses to our health. This is why we, at Copperstone Dental, have made a personal goal out of raising awareness on this topic.

SE Calgary dental hygiene delivers top services and aims at lowering the risk of disease coming from poor dental care. What type of diseases, you might be asking? Let's see:

- Cardiovascular disease - It is extremely common to people with poor oral health and it is due to the accumulation of bacteria around the teeth, which will affect the gums, cause periodontitis and reach the bloodstream, where they will clog the arteries, increasing the risk of endocarditis and stroke.

- Respiratory problems - The accumulation of bacteria in the mouth can reach the lungs and could cause a wide range of aggravated respiratory infections like bronchitis and pneumonia.

- Aggravate diabetes - Gum infections can prove to be a breeding ground for bacterial organisms that could worsen the symptoms of diabetes by messing up with the blood sugar levels.

- Fertility problems in women - Studies have identified links between oral hygiene and fertility in women. Not only that women with precarious oral hygiene have problems getting pregnant, but they also have problems maintaining a healthy pregnancy altogether.

- Erectile Dysfunction - Men are risk of experiencing ED, simply because of poor dental health. And it's all because of the chronic periodontal disease (CPD), which will allow bacteria to infect the bloodstream and diminish its flow towards the genital area. Erections will become increasingly harder to achieve.

No wonder SE Calgary dental hygiene is so important in the grander scheme of things.

Prevention and treatment

As you can see, there are serious problems that can derive from poor oral hygiene. Life threatening problems. These can be easily countered by resorting to several specific treatment methods like:

- Anti-tartar specific treatments, meant to eliminate plaque and bacterial deposits

- Eliminate cavities

- Fight against gingivitis and other gum affections

- Regular fluoride treatment sessions for extra cleaning and strengthening

On top of that, prevention is the single best way of dealing with dental-related problems, which means you absolutely need regular consultations to keep things in check. For most people that would mean dentist appointments every 6 months, for regular investigation and that period may vary depending on your personal profile.

In any case, SE Calgary dental hygiene is just what you need to keep your health in check, because you can avoid plenty of health problems simply by protecting yourself in time. And the team of professionals at Copperstone Dental are here to support you in every way you need. Your teeth are more important than you think. Treat them well and your life will change for the better!

SE Calgary Dental Hygiene
Copperstone Dental
SE Calgary Dental Hygiene
10 Copperstone Street SE Calgary Alberta T2Z 0V4 CA

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