Medicare Approved Lumbar Back Brace

Medicare Approved Lumbar Back Brace

If you’re a Medicare recipient in need of a Medicare approved lumbar back brace, Affinity Medical Supplies can help you get the brace you need with no money out-of-pocket. Our MetForce back braces are durable, comfortable, and snug-fitting, eligible for Medicare’s free healthcare supply program. We can assist you in selecting the right back brace, taking care of the insurance aspect of your order, and shipping your Medicare back brace for free, as well. Simply click on ‘Products’ and select MetForce Back from the menu to get started.

How Does a Medicare Approved Lumbar Back Brace Help With Pain?

1. Wearing a quality back brace can improve range of motion by reducing the level of pain you experience. If you’re limited in how far you can bend over, twist, or reach, you’ll find that a lumbar back brace can make it easier and more comfortable to complete these basic tasks. Finding a back brace that fits right is the first step in experiencing relief; our experts are available to help you or direct you to our online sizing chart if you prefer.

2. MetForce back braces are made with Spandex, so they stretch and fit the curves of your body and allow you to move freely rather than feel as though you’re bound up. Choosing a brace that is too small will cause the Spandex to restrict blood flow, so it’s important that you take the appropriate amount of time to get a comfortable fit. Working with Affinity Medical Supplies, you’ll never have to worry about asking ‘Does Medicare cover back braces’? All of our braces qualify for coverage under your Medicare health insurance plan; let our team assist you with the details.

3. The comfortable restriction of a well-fitting back brace provides pain-relieving support 24-hours a day. Wear our back braces during the way and keep them on while you sleep if you wish. You may find that you only need to wear a back brace while walking, while sitting at your computer, or when relaxing at the end of the day. No two patients are alike; follow your pain instincts to experience the greatest benefit.

The Best Back Brace Covered by Medicare

At Affinity Medical Supplies, we understand that cost is a concern for our customers. One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is, ‘Will Medicare cover the cost of my back brace?’ Rest easy knowing we only carry medicare approved pain relieving back braces; your policy will pay for your brace, in full.

Watch our MetForce Back Tutorial online for more information about our products and how to use them correctly. Take advantage of our website’s FAQ section to read answers to common questions or click the Talk to a Specialist button to get connected with an Affinity Medical Supplies expert. Reach us by phone at (866) 918-0780 or view our Medicare approved lumbar back brace online to better understand how it can benefit you when dealing with back pain.

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