IOP treatment centers Florida

IOP treatment centers Florida

Solace Behavioral Health is one of the highly sought-after IOP treatment centers in Florida with high success rates. We play an integral role in helping individuals attain a safe, speedy, and comprehensive recovery from addiction and the co-occurring mental health issues.

Healing from addiction with IOP rehab

IOP or intensive outpatient treatment is a type of addiction care that requires patients to attend a series of programs and therapies for 9-12 hours a day for 5-7 days a week. The components of care, treatments, and therapies included in an intensive outpatient program differ from facility to facility. However, in general, individuals undergo one-on-one counseling, group therapies, individual psychotherapy session, and participate in 12-step programs. IOP may also include a medical detox program from those suffering from long term addiction conditions.

IOP allows patients to heal and recover in a stress-free environment for several hours a day. This way, it offers the highest level of care to patients in an outpatient setting. It is also equally efficient as inpatient therapy and follows a well-defined treatment plan. It helps recovering addicts build a routine and equips them with skills to lead a drug-free life. We are one of the affordable IOP treatment centers in Florida with well-experienced RNs, clinical staff, and therapists.

What to expect with IOP treatment

It is an in-depth level of addiction care provided to patients on an outpatient basis. In an IOP treatment, you can expect to attend several hours of counseling, relapse prevention education, psychotherapy sessions, holistic therapies, and support group sessions.

You may also expect to undergo a detox process if you suffer from moderate or long-term addiction issues. IOPs have a well-defined treatment plan in place with measurable milestones. Your therapists may use this treatment plan to measure your progress in recovery, and your time commitment will gradually decrease as and when you meet a milestone.

Tips for choosing the right kind of IOP treatment center

Once you decide to seek help for addiction from a rehab, it is important to research for the right treatment center. Here are some tips to help you choose the best IOP treatment center:

  • Licensing and accreditations – It is important to choose a facility that holds all the licenses and accreditations to offer addiction treatment. By joining a licensed facility, you can be certain to receive the best treatment and care from a team of highly skilled, qualified, and experienced staff.
  • Customized treatment – Make sure to join a facility that does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Every addiction situation is different, and each patient requires individualized care, custom treatment plan, and personalized attention in recovery from substance abuse.
  • Treatment modalities – Choose a facility that uses the most proven and evidence-based approaches to treating addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. 

At Solace Behavioral Health, we specialize in identifying and treating the underlying cause of addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Call us now at 1.855.276.5223 or visit for more details. We are a group of renowned IOP treatment centers in Florida and North Carolina with highly effective addiction programs.

IOP treatment centers Florida
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IOP treatment centers Florida
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