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Back doctor Odessa tx

Back doctor Odessa tx

If you are dealing with lower back pain that does not subside in a week or two, or if you are experiencing troubling symptoms, it might be best to seek help from a back doctor in Odessa, TX. Working with the right health professional will help pinpoint the pain source and allow you to get the right and most effective lower back pain treatment. This is the best way for you to get results to break free from the pain you have been experiencing.

Why Seek A Doctor For Back Pain Nearby?

Seeing your traditional physician for back pain may not give you the answers you are looking for. Some symptoms could indicate a medical emergency. However, these conditions can be rare. No matter what, you should always seek attention from a trained professional if you notice any of the following symptoms along with your back pain:

  • Unexplained fever
  • Bladder or bowel incontinence
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Altered or lost sensation in the legs or groin

Furthermore, if you have back pain that starts after an injury, you should seek immediate medical attention to determine if there has been spinal damage.

Diagnosis – A Specialist Who Treatment Back Pain

When you see a back doctor in Odessa, TX, they will collect data regarding your medical history and the symptoms you are having. Other information may include lifestyle details, including physical activity level, habits, and sleep.

Back pain specialists will also perform a physical examination to assess your mobility and nerve function throughout the lower body and lower back. You may be asked to hold movements or certain positions to determine if pain worsens – such as raising a leg, bending forward, etc.

WellSpine – See An Orthopedic Spine Specialist

Here at WellSpine, we work with patients just like you to help them understand what is causing or exacerbating their back pain. Whether you have acute or chronic pain, we are happy to have you come in so that we can provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan to get you feeling better again, hopefully.

Some of the services that we offer here at WellSpine include:

  • Herniated Disc

In some cases, treatment varies depending on need. We offer minimally invasive intervention as well as bone grafting or bone removal.

  • Sciatica

Many patients deal with sciatic nerve pain without even realizing it. This term is used to explain the pain that impacts the lower back, hips, buttons, and leg – sometimes to the feet and toes.

  • Spinal Stenosis

There can be issues that develop when the boney openings of the spine start to impinge on the nerves.

No matter what type of back pain you are experiencing, there is no reason why you should have to suffer from it forever. Here at WellSpine, we look forward to working with you to diagnose and treat your acute or chronic back issues so that you can start enjoying your life again pain-free. We will love to hear from you if it is time to schedule a visit with a back doctor in Odessa, TX. Call us at (214) 819-9600 with any questions, or book a consultation today!

Back doctor Odessa tx

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